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Pricing and general estimate guidelines

Please keep in mind this pricing information serves only as a guide. Dents must be seen by our technician to come up with a final estimate.

Please Contact Us for more information or for a Free Estimate.

Dent Size / Price

Quarter Size or Smaller $80+
Golf Ball Size $100+
Baseball Size $150-$200
Softball Size $200-$275
Frisbee Size or Larger $275+
Crease and Body Line Dents Based on Damage


1. All prices include removing and installing trim panel plus rust protection coat.
2. Extra charges apply to removing and re-installing roof-liner, front and rear bumper.
3. Dent Geek guarantees 100% repair satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our repair at the time of completion we will provide the work free of charge. Some restrictions apply.

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